Job Type: Nurse

Stefanie Washbrook, Charter Vets Biddulph

Stefanie Washbrook

Stephanie holds a BSc (honours) degree in Veterinary Nursing and Practice Management She likes her exotic species and has travelled extensively to fuel her passion. Stephanie has 2 cats, Midnight who has hyperthyroidism but loves sitting peoples’ shoulders and Maisey who has arthritis and loves…

Charlotte Hunt, Charter Vets Biddulph

Charlotte Hunt

Following her graduation with Diplomas in Veterinary Care and Animal Management, Charlotte joined the team as a Veterinary Care Assistant and is looking forward to starting her Veterinary Nurse training in 2018. Outside work Charlotte is a keen skier – she has been skiing since…

Gemma Boughey, Charter Vets Biddulph

Gemma Boughey

Gemma has worked at Charter Vets since 2003 as part of the nursing team.Gemma began as a trainee at our Congleton Branch, then transferred to Biddulph where she completed her training and became head nurse. Gemma enjoys all aspects of her job, but particularly enjoys…

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